Welcome everyone

Our beautiful Amali was born on the 26th September 2013. Her delivery was urgent and due to unexpected and unpredictable complications in the pregnancy her identical twin did not survive.

Amali was immediately transferred to the Neonatal Intensive Care unit at the Royal Children Hospital in Melbourne where she was given life saving blood transfusions and intensive nursing care. For the first few days Amali was fighting for her life, supported by both her family in Australia and her family in Sri Lanka.

As a result of her traumatic birth, at seven days old Amali was diagnosed with “severe hypoxic brain injury”, which is presenting as Cerebral Palsy at this stage and below the 3rd percentile head circumference. The specialists believe she will have ongoing developmental issues and delays. Because Amali is still so young the specialist are not sure what this will mean for her long term but we are hopeful that she will be able to sit and crawl and walk and run and talk and laugh and go to school along with her sisters and cousins, but everything is unknown at the moment.

We do know from current brain research that it is these early years that so vital for the brain to make new connections and continue the process of healing the damage, so that our Amali can grow to her full potential.

As her parents we continue to research new and old therapies, reading any book or article we can find on brain development and cerebral palsy, and searching for hope that we can give our little girl the best life possible.

The current therapies we are attending regularly include osteopathy, kinesiology, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, speech therapy, therapeutic yoga, aquatic therapy and ayurvedic treatments. This is on top of all the extra care and home based Doman Program we do with Amali everyday. Every little thing has to be taught, from holding objects in her hand, rolling over, tummy time, how to chew, and trying to move.