Amali’s Home based Program from April 2015 to October 2015

Designed by parents as a part of WTD course

Amali’s chronological age 19 months, she was functioning at the neurological age of 7 months.

  • Amali could not move along the floor,
  • she had a very weak grasp reflex,
  • Her left hand was much slower than her right.
  • Amali was not trying to talk but was starting to make a couple of sounds.
  • She was hypertensive to touch.
  • Amali would startle throughout the day.
  • She had an obvious strabismus (cross eyes), and
  • She could not sit up unassisted,
  • She did not feed herself or even try nor could she hold a cup or drink herself.
  • Amali could chew her food and enjoyed eating but that had only happened at about 15 months of age.
  • Amali did not like getting dressed in her clothes, as she was highly sensitive to materials.
  • Amali could smile and clap.
  • Her reaction time was obviously slow.
  • Her legs were stiff and her left arm would often twist backward behind her.

Amali’s Program

  • Between April 2015 and October 2015
  1. Nutrition

Amali’s diet was full of vegetables, fruits, some fish and chicken, some seeds and nuts and good fats from avocado and oils and lots of rice. We often bought organic produce and started growing a lot of our leafy greens at home. She enjoyed drinking water and had a very good appetite. We excluded common allergies such as gluten, dairy, soy and citrus and we continued to exclude sugar in all forms (except fruit) and we tried hard to reduce our salt intake. We introduced more variety and learnt how to cook some different grains/seeds such as quinoa, millet and buckwheat.


  1. Physical

Patterning – 6 patterning sessions building up to 5 minutes a session

Incline Floor or ‘The Slide’ – target 12 slides per day

Crawling – Target 50m a day crawling

When Amali started on the slide she used to cry the whole way down and the crying would propel her down the slide, after about 6 weeks of increasing the number of slides, she started using her hands to pull herself down the slide with her legs bent in the air. After 3 months of sliding Amali started to pull herself off the slide and then soon after she started to commando crawl along the flat wooden floor, on the first day she crawled 20 feet that was a great day!!!!!!

Amali loves crawling around the houses and was getting up to about 50mts a day in 6 months, she still crawls like a caterpillar, two arms reach out together then she drags her legs behind her.

Amali resist through all the patterns, we built up from 10secs to 4minutes over the 6 months. Amali was very stiff and hard to pattern, often locking in her elbows and knees. This was very difficult. We needed three people to do each pattern. We did x2 pattern over x3sessions a day, with a 30 min break in-between.

  1. Intelligence

Reading program – introducing big single words


Amali enjoys the reading program but after the first day or two of a new set of words Amali would often look down or side to side and refuse to look.


  1. Sensory program

For the first month, we did an auditory program and tactile program. Within one month, of the auditory program started Amali no longer startled at every little sound, but did so when appropriate. After the first few months, the auditory and tactile program was not required.