Amali’s program from her first visit to IAHP

Amali was invited to Attend her first thorough assessment at IAHP in Philadelphia in October 2015.

Amali’s chronological age was 25 months, she was function at neurological age of 11.5 months.

  • Between November 2015 and June 2016
  1. Nutrition

Amali’s diet is full of vegetables, fruits, some fish and chicken, some seeds and nuts and good fats from avocado and oils and lots of rice. We often bought organic produce and started growing a lot of our leafy greens at home. She enjoyed drinking water and had a very good appetite. We excluded common allergies such as gluten, dairy, soy and citrus and we continued to exclude sugar in all forms (except fruit) and we tried hard to reduce our salt intake. We introduced more variety and learnt how to cook some different grains/seeds such as quinoa, millet and buckwheat.

We also removed Potatoes, as our good friend suggested she might sleep better. her sleep improved from that night on, so Potatoes are staying out! We were also introduced to Food Rotation. Which we tried to incorporate into our lives. We also measured Amali’s water intake to make sure she was getting enough, but not too much. And finally, we purchased a water filter for the kitchen, one of the best investments.

  1. Physical

Patterning – increased to  x10 patterning sessions of  1 minute a session with 8 to 10 minutes spacing. Amali seems to tolerate this quicker pattern more and we even have some settled quiet pattern sessions. Some of the patterners tried to sing while doing it, that worked most of the time.

Crawling – building up to 200m a day crawling. We got to 150m a day by April and then we started to hold Amali in the creeping position (on her hands and knees). After only 10 days of supported creeping position off she went….1 meter in her first day, the 2 meters, then 4 meters, then 10! By the end of the first week, she was doing 20meters and we loving it.

Obstacle crawling- we built a step, covered it in carpet and encouraged Amali to crawl over it. She built up to crawling over it 12-15 a day.

Medulla sliding- rolling down a mattress to help her feel where her body was in space. Amali LOVED this rolling slide. And we noticed a marked increase in her balance.

Balance program- we also called this Baby circus, another fun part of the program. After a few months of this Amali’s body control was fantastic, she could sit up by herself, she no longer lent to the side in her highchair, and she started to creep on hands and knees.

  1. Intelligent

The reading program continues. We add in couplets, sentences and homemade books. Amali loves the books especially one about all her family members.


  1. Oxygen enrichment program as per IAHP Pediatrician.