Amali’s progress – May 2017

Amali has started her walking program in mid-November 2016 on her 3.5-metre monkey bars that are now installed in the lounge room. She is enjoying the challenge of this new activity and getting the hang of putting her feet flat on the ground and learning to step.

As well she has her daily breathing program, her eye exercises, her yoga and of course her crawling – very speedy now – can crawl faster than Laura can walk!!

Today was the first time that Amali walked unassisted (holding the overhead monkey bars)…. 3.5 meters along her walking ladder ! Whoo-hoo!
Amali was as excited as we were. She loves being upright and once she had “walked” to the end of the ladder she was very keen to turn around and walk back!
Its days like today that we realise that our commitment to this Program, the time and energy that it takes, is so worthwhile – we can see that in a couple of years Amali will be walking and talking and catching up to her peers in all areas of development. Life is good!

Amali OHL unassisted