Amali’s second visit to the USA to attend IAHP- August 2016

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Second Visit to the Institute

At the end of August this year Amali attended the Institute for the Achievement of Human Potential (IAHP) for the second time. This was so that Amali could receive ongoing assessment and us to attended Level Three of the Parents Course. It was a wonderful time. Amali has been kicking goals (not literally yet!). Her rate of development very much impressed the medical team at the Institute.

Since starting the IAHP program Amali’s rate of development has been startling. From being told by specialists in Australia that Amali would probably not be able to move, she now crawls sits ,feeds herself and interacts with her big sisters and cousins. Her new therapy is now focussing on teaching her to walk and talk. Amali is happy and healthy.

As part of the Intensive Program, Amali will need to attend IAHP every 6 months for the next two years. During these 2 years  Laura and Prad will have daily access to Amalis’ Mentor ( a doctor at the Institute) and will be required to submit reports and videos monthly . Amali’s therapy includes mobility, breathing ( increasing oxygen to her brain) nutrition and language. There is nothing remotely like this program offered in Australia at the moment .

Amali was chronologically aged 35months and Neurologically aged at 24months! We are catching up!!!!!!!

We have been accepted into the Intensive Program at IAHP. Only a few hundred families are accepted into this Program. This means we have access to all the specialist when we needs them. We can ask all our questions, get ongoing updates for Amali’s program. This is where we will see the real results.


  • We continue on the Food Rotation, lots of filtered water and balanced meals. We have learnt about balancing carb/fat/protein, so am following the advice to give Amali lots of brain food. Amali has finally added an extra 1kg to her little body and has grown in height. Still small for her age but we are on the right track. We have also added in some specific vitamins and minerals.


  • Amali’s creeping goal is 700m a day, she is currently doing 250-300m a day. She creeps all day, all over the house!
  • We are monitoring Amali’s hip growth and position closely. So Amali is encouraged to creep as much as possible and to limit sitting time.
  • we have plans for Amali to start walking over the next 6months. She has spent the last 4 weeks practicing standing straight holding onto a bar over her head. She is soo proud of herself. Hopefully, in the next couple of weeks we will receive the ‘overhead ladder’, it is basically a monkey bar low enough that she will be able to hold onto the bars and walk under it. I’ll post a photo once we start that part of the program.


  • Continue reading Program, including lots of books.

So that’s an update on where we are up to. I will hopefully get to update this site more regularly and fill you in on how we are all going and Amali’s Progress.


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