Amali’s trip to Philadelphia

Thank you so much for being part of our fundraising events to raise the funds needed for our little girl “Amali” to travel to Philadelphia, USA for an Intensive Treatment Program.

The trip itself was fantastic with the Institute based in the small town of Chestnut Hill just outside of Philadelphia, near the east coast of the USA. We arrived at the Institute on the Monday with Amali and joined 15 other international families to a day of assessments and reviews of Amali’s health and medical history. The appointments were thorough but throughout the whole day the staff at the Institute were caring, hopeful and very aware of the amount of work we put in to get there.

For the next four days we attended lectures learning about brain growth and development, including the effects of oxygen, intelligence, mobility, nutrition and the environment on the development of a child’s brain. Then we met with a specialist in each area and they spent time explaining each part of the Intensive Program and the benefits for Amali and they answered all of our questions.

We left overwhelmed with the encouragement and hope that the Institute’s staff gave us and with the most thorough program for Amali. A great benefit of this program is that it enables us to communicate with the staff of the Institute whenever we need. We can continue to ask them questions and ask for help along the way and the Institute also expects monthly updates of our program so they can tailor it along the way.

Our aim is to get Amali healthy, strong and crawling on hands and knees and speaking more clearly by the time we return to the Institute in June 2016.

This program will be life changing for Amali and our family and we are so excited to have the chance to attend these program days. So our warmest and sincerest thank you for donating your time, energy and money. We will keep you updated on our progress.