Amali’s update and IAHP visit October 2017

2017 has been an amazing year for Amali and our family. We wanted you to know how important your support has been in making this happen.

A quick update on our trip to IAHP, Philadelphia in October/November this year. The specialists were impressed with Amali’s progress she made over the last eight months, she met all her goals we had been given by the specialist team.

Laura and I had further education on respiratory programs, which we find extremely necessary as children with CP are at a considerable risk of complications due to chest infections and hospitalisation. We also learnt about family health and nutrition, intellectual growth and physical stamina.

When Amali started this program, she was considered profoundly brain injured, she was 18 months old and she scored/rated below a six month old, even lower in mobility, which she was at new born stage.
After 2 years of program Amali is now four years old (49moths) and is scored/rated at 33 months. She grew an amazing 250% in head and chest growth, compared to a child at her same age. Slowly Amali is catching up.

And very excitingly, Amali’s specialist/advocate believes and plans that Amali should have some independent steps by the end of next year (2018), if not sooner, so as you can imagine, we are energised to get through her daily program.
We have had a number of things added to Amali’s daily program this time, including a huge balance and coordination Program, Language development and the assisted walking Program.

We could not have made it to the US or been able to complete Amali’s re-valuation assessment and ongoing program without all the love and support we have received. The bike ride “Ride for Amali” was incredible, especially to have such a group of awesome family and friends come together.

The ongoing support from our families, friends and VicRoads colleagues, who have been there from the beginning, we thank you from our hearts to yours.